wooden bugle cube by henry hanson

wooden bugle cube by henry hanson

Following his concrete cube trumpet project, designer Henry Hanson returns with the Wood Bugle Cube, created as a fully functional element brass musical instrument without seeming to. ‘Although the shape and material are in no way reminiscent of a musical instrument, the function and sound are almost indistinguishable from a traditional bugle.‘, shares Hanson.

building the instrument from 3D CAD model designs

Henry Hansen (see more here) describes the Wood Bugle Cube as ‘an exercise in transferring a complicated volume with over-closures from a 3D drawing to a new support‘. Indeed, the designer used 20 layers of 9 mm thick birch plywood, individually sculpted according to templates generated from a CAD model that represents the interior of a bugle.

Specifically, Hansen rolled up the 3D model to fit inside the wooden cube before cutting it up to create a series of 2D models representing the cross sections of the tube on either side of the wooden pieces. These sections ultimately served as guidelines for the sculpture.

wooden bugle cube 2

Final sanding was done in pairs of adjacent coats to keep the interfaces smooth. Hanson then sealed the inner tube wall and bonded each layer sequentially with an additional layer of sealant to improve moisture resistance. The result is a fully functional brass instrument made of wood!

“In a ‘brass’ instrument, the main sound comes from the vibrations at the lips and in the air, not from the material itself. Material and construction are only responsible for warmth, brightness, timbre and other fine characteristics. Additionally, the instrument will generally still sound like a trumpet or bugle if the length and diameter of the tube are maintained. Compared to the concrete cube or a standard brass version, this wooden version feels warmer and softer,” writes Hansen.

wooden bugle cube 3

wooden bugle cube 7

wooden bugle cube 5

wooden bugle cube 6

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