The Collapse of Human Beings in the Works of an Iranian Artist Using Mixed Media Technique

Iranian artist Shams Yousefi, in an interview with Honaronline, said that more than 50 works were exhibited in the gallery which were created with mixed media technique in different dimensions, and said: “The formation of this collection dates back to the coronavirus days when I couldn’t get out of the house to buy paper and canvas due to quarantine, so I turned to recycled supplies.
I used disposable boxes and cardboard and worked on them for two years. Of course, I had no intention of showing these works, but in the end, something happened that made me exhibit my works and I had good feedback.

Creation of a work of art on recycled cardboard

Regarding the impact of recycled cardboard on his works, he said: “It made my work a bit more limited than when I was working on quality cardboard, but the writing and markings on the boxes and the texture cardboard helped me a lot.”

I managed to take advantage of the writings and signs in a playful way and use them for my own work. Those who came to the exhibition also welcomed the artworks, and the artworks on the salt and spice packages particularly caught the eye.

Protest against the current situation of the human being in the works of the collection

As for the use of human figures in his works, Shams Yousefi said, “I am a figurative painter and in my previous collections I dealt with human and animal figures, but during the coronavirus epidemic, when I was constantly witnessing the loss of people, I was completely committed to the human beings in my work.

I have depicted human beings collapsing or disintegrating. These works are the story of contemporary people collapsing under a myriad of problems.
These works are not limited to the coronavirus, but are a kind of protest against the current situation of human beings who are under various economic and social pressures and other types of pressures and people are crushed under all these pressures.

He said that he did not create any atmosphere in his works and only drew portraits and figures and added: “I focused mainly on form and sought to achieve the forms of portraits and human figures.” I created different textures through printmaking, oil paint, acrylic, ink, etc. in the works and I worked layer by layer with different materials.

The Collapse of Human Beings in the Works of an Iranian Artist Using Mixed Media Technique

Shoot invalid insurance booklets

The Iranian artist said: “In addition to the boxes, I made other drawings on insurance booklets. On the one hand this has indicated an increase in the need for medicines and treatments during the coronavirus pandemic and on the other hand paper pads are no longer used as all prescriptions have gone online hence the disappearance of insurance booklets.

What is the mixed media technique?

Mixed Media Art Technique combines different materials in a creative way to create a work of art that includes two or more art forms or styles.

The mixed media art technique is used to break down the boundaries between artistic fields. For example, you can use sculpting techniques in your painting. Mixed media painting is a type of performance art that covers a wide area and is flexible.
This style can cover one or more of your artistic fields and techniques, from drawing and painting to collage of materials.

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