SCAD SERVE volunteers working on homes in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – More than 300 students, prospective students, faculty and staff at Savannah College of Art and Design are taking the time to repair homes around Savannah.

Volunteer projects are part of SCAD SERVE, which aims to help the surrounding community and improve the quality of life.

Hundreds of SCAD students are spread all over Savannah right now, doing these volunteer projects, from painting houses to building privacy fences.

The 13 homes that SCAD staff and students worked on Monday are all part of the City of Savannah’s home repair program, which combines federal funds and volunteer efforts to help homeowners make improvements they couldn’t. maybe not afford alone.

“It’s great to see all these young people ready to come out and help out,” said Savannah resident Barbara Bartley.

Plank by plank, Bartley is getting a brand new fence thanks to this group of SCAD SERVE volunteers.

“A lot of us haven’t seen a drill before, so I think we’re doing pretty well,” said SCAD SERVE volunteer Amanda Rabade.

“One of the things I always appreciate about SCAD students is that they not only seem willing to give back to their community, but also very excited to do so,” said Scott Linzey. , director of SCAD SERVE.

Linzey says they schedule one or two service projects a week, and each time the list of volunteers fills up quickly.

“Really exciting and rewarding to be able to give back to our community,” Linzey said.

SCAD SERVE has participated in the home repair program in the past, but this year the school says students are working on more homes than ever before.

SCAD Serve also serves the community through donations of computers for school children, artwork for hospitals, and tons of produce from their own organic farm.

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