PCA hosts 54th annual jury art festival

PLYMOUTH – The 54th Annual Jury Art Festival at the Plymouth Center for the Arts kicked off with a gala and awards ceremony on September 19.

First place Black and White Photography.

A crowd strolled through the center looking at the newly renovated space and artwork presented by a jury as jazz from the Kenny Wenzel trio filled the galleries. A raffle and a decorated pumpkin auction took place after the awards were presented to the winning artists.

First place of mixed media. "The fish must swim" by Mary Jo Beswick.
First place in oil and acrylic.

Entrance to this show is free. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, and all works of art on display are for sale.

Sculpture in first place.
Committee's Choice Award.

The next festival event takes place at 5:30 p.m. on September 25 and is a unique immersive event from underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen in a collaborative presentation with the City of Plymouth Marine and Environmental Affairs and Northeastern University’s CLEAR Labs. The CPA will present “Photographic Journey: The Herring of the Plymouth City Creek River”.

First place in color photography.

The festival will continue with events every week until November 6. Visit the website at https://plymouthcenterforthearts.org for details.

Annual Jury Art Exhibition Winners:

Best of Show

Linda King’s “Living Water”

Best of the show.  “Eaux vives” by Linda King.

Mixed media

Oil & Acrylic

First place: “Pond fish” by Thad Parmenter

Second place: “Pansy in a Pot” by Carole Raymond

Honorable mentions

“Early Sail” by Jon Fish

“Blue Day” by Tina Watson

“Flore Oscura” by Katherine Hurxthal

Watercolor in first place,
Second place Watercolor. "Summer blues" by Debra Petrowski.


First place: “Tree Peony” by Yvonne Posa

Second place: “Summertime Blues” by Debra Petrowski

“Door messages” by Andrew Kusmin

“Porcelain still life” by David Holt

“A Gothic Tale” by Allen Forrest Small

Drawing & Pastel

First place: “Fall Meandering” by Laurinda O’Connor

Second place: “Pink Sky Cool Dunes” by Christine Bodnar

Honorable mentions

“Between a rock and a hard place” by Leslie McNeil

“Plantation marshes” by Marie Shanahan

“Summer Light” by Alison Davidson

Mixed media

First place: “Fish Gotta Swim” by Mary Jo Beswick

Second place: “Cruisin” by Jean Tucker

Color photography

First place: “Serene” by Paul Murray

Second place: “Blush” by Judy Miller Bailey

Honorable mentions

“The old bouquet” by Ruth Langlan

“She’s Defeated” by Joan Collins

“Abstract waves” by Tom Kallechey

Black and white photography

First place: “Tin Smith” by Michael Sterling

Second place: “Water lilies on the pond” by Karen Shulman

Honorable mentions

“Still in Half Dreams” by Carole Egan Dupont

“The Birds” by Michèle Naugler


First place: “Meandering Coast 2” by Larinda Meade

Honorable mention

“Last stop” by Judy Bergman Hochberg


First place: “Brayton Point Rhythm” by Rob Lorenson

Second place: “Contemplation” by Jane Estella

Honorable mention

“Beach Find” by Edward Murray

First place, Beaux Métiers.
Second place for crafts.

Fine Crafts

First place: “Celestial Garden” by Barbara Anderson

Second place: “Alpha du Delta” by Paula Klingerman

Honorable mentions

“Octopus Dance” by Ann Schunior

“Still Bound After All These Years” by Andy Osborne

“Portrait of Max” by Mike DiRado

Choice of committee

“Plantation marshes” by Marie Shanahan

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