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Tanzanian and Nigerian Marryam Moma is thrilled to share her new piece ‘Vote’ with the entertainment world. Although Momas’ work has been featured in the permanent art collections of Mirosoft and Starbucks, this is the first time the artist has displayed his work on two television channels at the same time. The Moma was inspired during the 2020 elections to develop this work of art. The ‘Vote’ piece was developed to create a collage that would inspire the audience or viewer to take a stand, empower them to choose to have a voice in elections, to VOTE. “I firmly believe that ‘a choice’ is better than ‘no choice’ at all,” Moma said.

Tanzanian and Nigerian Marryam Moma is a visual artist with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. Moma merges the palette of reused hand-cut pieces, paper and media into fresh, layered imagery with new associations. Deconstructing images and then reintegrating them to create something new is an intuitive and continuous visual experience where color, texture, balance, shape and space come into play.

Moma was captivated by the creative works of Lorna Simpson, Deborah Roberts, rediscovered and fell in love with the collage and mixed media art of Wangechi Mutus. Moma uses collage to explore the space where spirituality, gender, race and identity, and sexuality intersect. It celebrates the human form and reinforces ideas about individuality and self-love. The clarity, discipline and execution of Momas’ work reflect the applied strengths of a formal education in architecture.

“I’m thrilled to have this piece featured in Bel Air S1. I loved Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a kid growing up in Africa. Having my work featured in the remake is a dream come true! Love it the fact that the show centers on an upper-class black family, talks about ideals about black heritage, unity, family bonds and revolves around family life, as they juggle several personal and socio-political issues,” Moma said.

“I’m thrilled to have this piece featured on Black-ish, especially because the show centers on an upper-class black family, revolves around family life, as they juggle several personal issues. and sociopolitical,” Moma said.”

The piece “Vote” can be seen on Blackish Season 8, Episode 11 and Bel Air Season 1, Episode 109.

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