New funding for Pembroke regeneration program welcomed

Pembrokeshire County Council is proud to announce the success of its offering to the UK Government Leveling Up Fund for its regeneration project at South Quay in Pembroke.

This LUF award of £ 4.1million will enable Council to develop Phase 2 of the South Quay plans.

“The announcement gave us a welcome opportunity to take stock of progress on Phase 1 and share our plans for Phase 2 of the project,” said Rachel Moxey, Head of Economic Development and Regeneration.

As part of its wider regeneration work in Pembrokeshire, the County Council launched an ambitious program earlier this year to redevelop the historic and important South Quay site next to Pembroke Castle.

The work concerns the restoration and reuse of three dilapidated Grade II listed buildings on the site, as well as the enhancement of the surrounding environment and the improvement of access between the city center, the castle and the seafront. sea.

The first phase of the work aims to create a new attraction celebrating the city’s heritage as the birthplace of the Tudor dynasty. The second phase will provide a new community center for social services, continuing education and supported employment. Together, the developments will offer a diverse and sustainable mix of new uses in the city.

Phase 1:

The first phase of work is taking place at numbers 4, 5 and 6 Castle Terrace (the road between Pembroke Castle and the junction with Main Street).

The plan will provide:

  • a new visitor center, library and Henry Tudor café
  • landscaping of medieval “burgage” gardens to provide quiet and relaxing areas in the historic heart of the city
  • major improvements to the public domain

“We had no illusions that this was a very complex project and, as is often the case with such projects, a number of difficult issues arose over time. preparatory work continues, ”said Steve Jardine, Regeneration Manager.

The issues included a roof collapse and the removal of contaminated debris, providing additional support to the existing structure and the design of additional demolition work identified during the activation phase.

Recent works have included the provision of a protection system to the arched medieval cellars of the terrace of Castle No.4 and the reinforcement of the property at basement level, to allow a safer working area in the front third. of the building.

The next step will try to make the building safer, to allow for further investigation and inspection work to finalize the design of the regeneration program. This will include the installation of scaffolding to support the front facade during the demolition of some walls.

A revised schedule will see the remaining demolition and reconstruction completed by the end of August next year, immediately followed by the start of construction of the new heritage center, cafe and library, including the completion is scheduled for early 2024.

Like many other programs currently underway, Brexit and the unanticipated impact of Covid have created time and financial implications for the project. The Council nonetheless pledged to stay on track to implement the overall agenda as an essential part of its strategy to breathe new life into the towns of Pembrokeshire.

Phase 1 received funding from the Welsh government ‘Transforming Towns’ and investment from Pembrokeshire County Council.

Cllr Paul Miller, Cabinet Member responsible for Economy, Tourism, Leisure and Culture, said: “The reconversion and transformation of our key city centers is one of the key elements of our development strategy. economic. We are committed to regenerating the South Quay site into an attractive, sustainable and prosperous development of which Pembroke and Pembrokeshire will be very proud. “

Phase 2:

The second phase of development involves the completion of the South Quay regeneration program and is centered on numbers 7 and 8 Northgate Street. It will provide:

  • a three-story community center, comprising space for daytime opportunities, space for digital media, arts and heritage craft activities, and learning and skills areas to support independent living of people of all ages
  • environmental improvements, including building restoration, a new sunken garden and improvements to the South Quay parking lot
  • improved access between the Henry Tudor Visitor Center and the waterfront

The development would allow the consolidation of adult social care in South Pembrokeshire, providing a modern, better integrated, community-driven and more sustainable and inclusive model of day-to-day opportunities in the heart of the city, and generating savings for the city. public sector through the closure of existing substandard facilities.

It will also support employment opportunities, which will be incorporated into the operation of the new facility.

Jason Bennett, Head of Adult Social Care, said: “This innovative project is representative of our ambition to modernize social assistance, delivering inclusive services to the heart of our communities, helping individuals and families stay connected to their communities. territory.

Social Care Cabinet Member Cllr Tessa Hodgson said it was “fantastic to see this substantial investment in Pembroke”.

“South Quay is a truly innovative program designed to benefit all members of the community and is the result of the ambition and drive of the Cabinet, the hard work and vision of the Council’s regeneration and social care teams. county of Pembrokeshire, ”she said.

Cllr Aaron Carey, Pembroke St Mary South County Councilor who includes the South Quay site, added: “By bringing additional offering to the city, we can reach our full potential and give people, locals and visitors alike, reasons to stay in our beautiful city longer.

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