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NASHVILLE (WSMV) – New research shows Nashville is one of the best places in America for art lovers.

In their study, Design Bundles analyzed the 20 most “Vibrant Art” communities in the United States after measuring data from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Then they compared it to the affordability of each region, measured by average income and the cost of housing.

Overall, the Nashville metro area offers the best combination of arts culture and affordable housing. Metro Nashville’s “Arts Vibrancy” score, which is the fifth highest on the list, was created through a combination of arts jobs, education and amounts of government funding.

The median value of owner-occupied dwellings in the area is $ 186,000, just five times the per capita income of $ 36,000, the second best affordability report on the list.

This information is in addition to the great accessibility and fantastic art scenes of Nashville, leaving it as America’s premier city for art lovers.

The Cleveland-Elyria metro area in Ohio and the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria community, which covers DC, Maryland, and Virginia, sit second and third on the list, respectively.

“Our study shows how, no matter how famous a city or state, the best places to live while enjoying the most artistic opportunities can be surprising,” said a spokesperson for Design Bundles in a statement. communicated. “Nashville and Cleveland may not be considered the art hubs of the United States, but they offer rich and vibrant art scenes which, combined with more affordable accommodation, make them a very attractive proposition for art lovers. compared to New York or Los Angeles. “

For the full map of Arts Dynamism Scores, see page four of SMU’s Arts Dynamism Index Report VI.

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