Marblehead School of Ballet celebrates National Dance Week

The Marblehead School of Ballet (MSB) celebrates National Dance Week from Friday April 22nd to Friday April 30th. To thank the public for their support for 50 years, MSB is hosting a special National Dance Week visual arts competition and offering special discounts during the week.

“The Marblehead School of Ballet is proud to join other organizations across the country in celebrating National Dance Week and highlighting the importance of dance in our society. During our 50th anniversary, we want to present more people of all ages – children, teens, adults and seniors – to the wonders and benefits of dance and our school’s programs in ballet, creative movement, stretch and strength, Latin, partner dance, tai chi, and more,” said Paula K. Shiff, Principal of Marblehead School of Dance.

Visual Arts Dance Competition
To celebrate, Marblehead School of Ballet has launched a National Dance Week Visual Arts Competition. Current and former Marblehead School of Ballet students can paint, draw, photograph or submit multimedia artwork on the topic of Your Love of Dance. Applicants must submit their name, a photo of themselves and their age. Applications must be submitted by April 30 to [email protected]

Three prizes will be awarded, with first prize being a $100 gift certificate and second prize being a $50 gift certificate, both donated to On Your Toes Dancewear. Third prize is an MSB hoodie.

Special offers
From April 22 to April 30, the MSB is also offering other exclusive offers. “Now is the time to try something different and explore more. During National Dance Week, new students can attend an online class and receive $10 off,” Shiff explained. To benefit from this special discount on a course without registration, students must register online at and use promo code, NDW2022, at checkout.

Celebrate the dance with a coffee mug, sweatshirt or any other product from the school’s online store at and receive 10% off the order total. Be sure to use promo code NDW2022 at checkout to get the special discount.

In-person and online courses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, classes and private lessons are being delivered in-person and online for students of all ages: children, teens, adults, and seniors. Classes offered include creative movement, ballet (children to adult levels), stretch and strength, pre-pointe and pointe, cardio dance, jazz, tai chi, ballroom and Latin solo work, and salsa as a couple. Register for online courses at

For a class schedule, private lesson information, and other details, call 781-631-6262, email [email protected] or visit the organization’s website,

About Marblehead Ballet School

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, The Marblehead School of Ballet, founded in 1971 by Paula K. Shiff, has earned a wide reputation for excellence in training and integrity of purpose. Classical ballet forms the core of instruction with particular emphasis on correct alignment and the development of strength and agility. The pure enjoyment of dance and music is always at the heart of the classroom experience.

The graded basic program for children includes lessons in ballet technique with advanced work on repertoire and pointes. The school also offers a modern dance department, classes for young children in creative movement, and improvisation and technique classes for older students. A full range of adult courses is offered.

MSB is home to the North Shore Civic Ballet Company (NSCB). The NSCB gives concerts and a variety of educational programs for schools; all are suitable for different age groups and levels of development.

For more information, call 781-631-6262, email [email protected] or visit Follow MSB on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MSB_ballet.

Photo credits: Peter A. Smith

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