How to tour Denmark by train for just $56 this summer

The return of a popular travel pass to Denmark offers travelers a fantastic way to see the best of the Scandinavian country at a great price this summer.

For just 399 Danish kroner (about $56), adults get unlimited use of Denmark’s national rail system for eight consecutive days. In addition to all trains operated by DSB, the pass is valid on buses and trains operated by Arriva, Copenhagen Metro and S-train, Letbane in Aarhus and local rail services.

A version for those under 16 is available for 199 Danish kroner (about $28). However, if you’re traveling with an adult pass, you can bring two children under 12 with you at no extra cost, making this pass perfect for seeing some of Denmark’s best family attractions.

The best of Denmark at a low price

Appointed rejsepas, the pass offers fantastic value for a typical travel use case of a week-long stay in Copenhagen with a few day trips to Denmark. For example, day trips might include the three-hour train ride to Aarhus.

Previously named by Lonely Planet as a must-see European destination ahead of its year in the spotlight as European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus is packed with cultural attractions, including the beautiful Old Town Museum and Gallery of Modern Art.

The cost of the pass is about the same as a regular ticket from Copenhagen to Aarhus, so the pass would already pay for itself with that one trip.

Even closer to Copenhagen, historic Odense has long been known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, but finally has a new museum worthy of one of the world’s most famous fairy tale writers.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Copenhagen Airport are other notable places accessible with the pass.

Ticket details

Of course, as with all travel passes, it’s important to understand the details and restrictions before committing.

The travel pass is valid for eight consecutive days between June 25 and August 7. Passes will go on sale June 1. Since they’re limited to just 75,000 (down from previous years), it’s a good idea to get yours as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Although the pass is valid on most public transport in Denmark during the period, it is not valid on the Øresund Bridge to Sweden, nor for travel to/from Bornholm, the island popular danish fish from the baltic sea. If you wish to take a bicycle on board, you will need to purchase a separate bicycle ticket as usual.

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