Here are the winners of the Environmental Excellence Awards

More than 500 business leaders, elected officials and their guests gathered on Saturday, March 19, 2022at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in anticipation of who would be the recipients of this year’s prestigious award Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Award presented by SRP. A total of 81 projects were finalists.

The big winner of the evening was the Coconino County Forest Restoration Initiative. Jay SmithCoconino County Forest Restoration Director, was on hand to accept awards for both President’s Awardthe highest honor of all project submissions, and Governor’s Award for the Future of Arizona. In 2017, the Coconino County The oversight board has identified catastrophic wildfires and post-wildfire flooding as the top public safety risk to citizens and the environment in Coconino County. As a result, the Coconino County Flood Control District developed a countywide forest restoration initiative in response to the devastating effects of catastrophic wildfires and post-wildfire flooding, protecting forests and the economic vitality of northern Arizona, the safety of all citizens. The initiative can be a model of collaborative, forward-thinking policy in action statewide.

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“After two years of postponement of the event, it was hugely inspiring to see over 500 guests join us as we celebrated the projects submitted in 2020 and 2021. The issues of sustainability and climate change did not relent. the way to the pandemic, as the projects honored in the awards program continued to demonstrate environmental excellence at its better,” noted Lori Singleton, Chairman and CEO. “In addition, three special awards were presented in recognition of Arizona Forward’s long history.”

A list of all project nominations and a summary description of each can be found at The projects were reviewed by a panel of 13 judges led by Gene D’Adamo, president and CEO of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust.

Beneficiaries of the CRESCORDIA PRIZE for the remaining categories in the Environmental Excellence Awards are listed below.

COOL PAVEMENT PROGRAM, City of PhoenixTruck transport

Climate Action Solutions – Winner

Taking into account the urban heat island, a quality of life problem in a desert environment, was key to the development of the City of Phoenix Cool Pavement pilot program. During the summer of 2020, Phoenix completed a project by installing an innovative asphalt surfacing technology that could provide significant relief from the urban heat island effect. This technology tested for the first time by the City of Los Angeles, California, reflects solar energy and reduces the daytime temperature of the pavement surface. The pilot project treated 36 miles of Cool Pavement in eight neighborhoods and a city park; all with the potential to improve comfort and livability in Phoenix.

ARIZONA WATER PLAN, ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy

Environmental Education and Communication – Winner

The Arizona Water Blueprint addresses Arizonans’ need for understandable, accurate, non-partisan, and detailed information about Arizona’s water resources and policy, enabling inclusive and informed decision-making about the future of water. of State. The core of the Blueprint is an interactive map comprising 56 discrete data layers. A user can easily explore Arizona’s water resources and infrastructure, download data specific to a particular geography, and visualize how different features and datasets relate. Because it provides unique opportunities for visualizing and comparing geospatial data and information, the Blueprint is used in local and national planning discussions as well as in high school and university classrooms.


Technological Innovation – Winner

The Innovative Partnership for Water Conservation and Sustainability focuses on innovative, cost-effective technologies to support agriculture and save water. The partnership uses N-Drip technology – low-pressure, gravity-fed micro-irrigation coupled with real-time soil moisture management – ​​applied to the farms of Colorado River Indian tribes. N-Drip fields averaged 50% lower water deliveries with the same or slightly higher crop yields than traditional flood irrigated fields, protecting soil health without additional water distribution infrastructure nor pumping.

THE BIG AT PAPAGO PARK, Papago Park Center

Site Development – ​​Winner

The Roosevelt Dam Feature and the Grand Canal Relocation and Multi-Use Path, each part of The Grand at Papago Park Center mixed-use development, were designed to celebrate and honor two of the most important infrastructure projects in the world. ‘Arizona: The Roosevelt Dam and the Grand Canal. The projects demonstrate an awareness of sustainability and inspire solutions with minimal water use. The Grand at Papago Park Center establishes a model that can be replicated by other communities for improvements along the valley’s canal system.


Buildings, Structures and Landscaping: Civic – Winner
Preservation of the natural environment – Winner

The Fraesfield and Granite Mountain trails, which are part of Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve, were disturbed trailhead sites in need of restoration. Two complementary but contrasting designs highlight the unique characteristics of each of the respective sites. The trailheads have restored natural habitat while expanding and improving access to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, allowing the natural environment to guide the design of sustainable landscaping that provides refuge, shade, and shelter.


Buildings, Structures and Landscaping: Commercial or Institutional – Winner

The new campus is a collaborative creative place to promote, discuss and debate reforms and the advancement of post-secondary education with the Helios Foundation, its strategic partners and local and national decision-makers. Sustainability features include the use of multiple sources of non-potable water including site captured water for landscape and a super insulated jacket and radiant cooling system to reduce energy consumption. The Campus is a contemporary take on the arid-friendly garden office, built to last for generations.

GOOD BUCKET OF PROBLEMS, Joan Baron and Gloria Martinez Granados

Art in Public Places – Winner

Inside a crude 35,000 square foot warehouse built in the 1950s downtown Phoenix, Arizona, two artists have embarked on a major installation-performance in mixed art. The goal was to raise awareness of issues related to immigration reform, social justice, and behaviors that inspire and create lasting change that benefits and sustains the lives of all.


Healthy Communities – Winner

Throughout history, Native American communities have had a special relationship with animals, especially birds and their feathers. Feathers are present in the celebration of birth, the transition to manhood and womanhood, the healing of the sick and the acknowledgment of death – the cycle of life. Liberty Wildlife is a nonprofit conservation organization and the only organization licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to accept, possess, and distribute non-eagle feathers to Native Americans for religious and ceremonial purposes. For each feather sent, one less feather will be bought on the black market, and one less bird taken from the wild.

The next project FINALISTS received a DISTINCTIVE AWARD:

PRESERVING AND PROTECTING GOLDEN ALE, Mother Road Brewing Company – Governor’s Award for Arizona’s Future

THE FLAGSTAFF CARBON NEUTRALITY PLAN, City of Flagstaff – Climate Action Solutions

AVONDALE DRIVE ELECTRIC PROJECT, Town of Avondale – Environmental education and communication

ROBOT TOWER – CITY OF PEORIA AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE PROJECT, City of Peoria – Technological innovation


THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF NEWTON, Site projects – Development website

ASANTE BRANCH LIBRARY, city ​​of surprises – Buildings, structures and landscaping: civic

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT PAVILION, Arizona State University – Buildings, structures and landscaping: commercial or institutional

REINVENTION OF ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY HAYDEN LIBRARY, Arizona State University – Buildings, structures and landscaping: commercial or institutional

REHABILITATION OF THE CHARLES T. HAYDEN HOUSE (LA CASA VIEJA), City of Tempe – Buildings, structures and landscaping: historic preservation and adaptive reuse

USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL GARDENS AT SALT RIVER, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community – Buildings, structures and landscaping: landscaping

CENTRAL PARK, Plaza Companies – Art in public places


THE PATH TO PROTECTION AT OAK CREEK, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Preservation of the natural environment

U-HAUL HEALTHIER YOU PROGRAMS, U-Haul International, Inc. – Healthy communities

In addition to the project winners, three additional prizes were awarded to Kinney Building Services, Valley Metroand Cox Communications. these 50and Birthday rewardsin honor of 50 years of the Arizona Forwardand anniversary, recognize a long-standing commitment to sustainable development and are chosen without the knowledge of the recipients. Representatives from each organization were invited on stage to accept their award

Arizona Forward’s visionary members are APS, City of Phoenix, Environmental Defense Fund, Freeport-McMoRan, Honeywell, Intel, SRP and Wells Fargo. These members are generous supporters of Arizona Forward activities throughout the year.

The main sponsors of the Arizona Forward event for this year’s gala are City of ScottsdaleCity of Mesa, Helios Education Foundation and City of Phoenix – Public works.

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