Dallas Power Plant Features Works by Iranian Artist Hadi Fallahpsheh

TEHRAN — Works by Iranian artist Hadi Fallahpisheh are featured in an exhibit at the Power Station in Dallas.

The Power Station is a non-profit initiative dedicated to providing a platform for ambitious contemporary art projects in Dallas, Texas.

Housed in a Power & Light building constructed in 1920, artists are invited to respond to the rawness of the architecture, offering an alternative to the traditional gallery and museum context.

In a statement released for the exhibit, titled “Young and Clueless,” organizers called his practice multidisciplinary.

“He works through painting, photography, sculpture, performance and installation to shape stories that read like fables. Each tells a story. But none correspond to a singular reading. They speak of things and the impermanence of their respective meanings, empty and obscure, like the interior of a ship.

“Fallahpisheh produces paintings under blackout conditions. What looks like quickly rendered line work is actually hours spent in isolation with photosensitive paper, color gels and a flashlight. The subjects take the form of archetypes – a house, a room or a landscape – inhabited by a cast of recurring characters – a human, a mouse, a cat and a dog. The works tell the story of a quasi-family unity in episodes of gentle violence and conflict, where scenes of antagonism and unity play against each other and recede into contrasting themes of defeat and victory, anxiety and certainty.

“Throughout the exhibition, Fallahpisheh deploys clans of stuffed animals that suggest family units. We see them happily wide-eyed and stuck in ceramic containers. With “Young and Clueless” (a nickname Fallahpisheh has repeatedly bestowed on previous similar works and exhibits.), two outer pots squeeze a third inner vessel, suspending the form in mid-air. The flexible and malleable object collides with hard and delicate forms.

A graduate in photography, Fallahpisheh has organized numerous exhibitions in America, Germany, England, Spain and Iran.

The exhibition statement also read, “Photographs and sculptures are framed by antique quilts. As symbols of warmth and shelter, textiles evoke quaint home decor and symbolic family heirlooms. Silent recorders that vibrate with memory and nostalgia, the quilt reflects every body it drapes and touches. Embellished with abstract images and playful patterns, the talisman recalls personal associations and memories.

“Fallahpisheh is a storyteller. But stories that can easily be misinterpreted as sardonic or mocking are deliberately sympathetic. The cast of characters aspires to a sense of belonging and openness. In their world, Fallahpisheh cultivates an environment of darkness where things have a place and a basis, like a voice in the dark singing in the light.

The exhibition, which was previously held at the Rodeo in London in 2021, will run until May 15.

Photo: This file photo shows works by Iranian artist Hadi Fallahpisheh on display at the Rodeo in London.


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