Centering Art & Racial Equity is the new moniker for ARTS Organizational Funding (CARE)

Open, Centering Art and Racial Equity (CARE) the grant is the new name of the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Organizational Funding Program, formerly known as Civic Partners. The updated name highlights the evolution of the program over the past ten years and reflects the values ​​of racial equity, social cohesion and the importance of art to our communities.

CD Forum and the presentation of Mama’z Muezz by Monique Franklin; Photo by Melissa J. Thompson

“Arts and culture organizations are an essential part of Seattle’s ecosystem. Our cultural investments aim to leverage the collective community action of Seattle’s arts and culture sector to create a city where all artists, performers, writers and creative workers have the freedom, agency and platform to share and amplify their stories, their art, their cultures and their experiences, regardless of race, class, gender, age, ability, education, country of birth, citizenship, religion and of sexual orientation.

Royal Alley-Barnes, Acting Director of the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture

The CARE grant provides three consecutive years of funding to arts and culture, heritage, and arts service organizations in Seattle with at least three years of experience providing programs that are accessible to Seattle residents and visitors. To create a more equitable, vibrant and relevant arts sector, ARTS prioritizes supporting organizations with an arts-focused mission that take steps to be anti-racist and that value, implement and sustain inclusive practices with a of intersectional racial equity.


  • CARE Grant Guidelines
  • Online application (FLUXX)


For more information, visit the CARE Grants page or contact Kathy Hsieh, Cultural Investment Strategist, at (206) 733-9926 or [email protected] TTY: Dial 711. Tele-Braille: (800) 833-6385.

the Centering Art and Racial Equity (CARE) The grant is made possible by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture (ARTS). For more information, please contact Kathy Hsieh, Cultural Investment Strategist, at (206) 733-9926 or [email protected]

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