Artists come up with quilt design for Diversity and Inclusion mural

Canada has been sewn by many hands from many cultures.

It’s a theme that may soon be reflected in the southwest corner of Yonge and Wellington if a proposal from the Moonlight Murals Collective is accepted by Council.

Moonlight’s proposal is the winning proposal of an open call for artists to create the city’s new diversity and inclusion mural.

Their vision was one of five qualified proposals submitted to the City and evaluated by a selection committee made up of members of the Municipal Task Force Against Racism and Racism, a representative of the Aurora Cultural Center and Phil Rose, Director of Redevelopment of the town square.

“For this project, we want to represent the idea of ​​Canadians from all walks of life coming together to build and produce beauty together by sewing a quilt,” say the artists, an artist collective of Iranian descent Ghazaleh Rastgar , Melika Saeea and Yasaman Mehrsa, who describe themselves as immigrants who moved to Canada at an older age.

“We illustrate a number of different colored hands putting together a beautiful quilt made from a variety of textiles with different designs and patterns. The different colored hands suggest different races and the textiles are traditional prints from a variety of cultures and origins.

“If we are chosen for this project, we will add more detail and more patches to the quilt, ensuring that the message gets across strongly. “

If their vision comes true with Council approval, it will take the form of a digital print that will be placed on the north wall of 15242 Yonge Street, which would be on the right side of Yonge Street for southbound drivers to through the busiest intersection in town. .

“This particular location has a lot of windows that can be visual interruptions for most designs, but as far as ours is concerned, it will work just fine,” the artists state. “Our design can be easily manipulated and adjusted depending on the canvas it will be applied to. The message of the patchwork quilt will be easily understood even with the windows interrupting the design. We will also be able to adjust the placement of the sewing hands to make sure they don’t fall out where the windows are. We would like this place because it is the most visible to the community.

“As the city aims to showcase the significant accomplishments of various people from Canada’s past and present, we find this theme very appropriate without isolating one person. [or] group. Our message includes everyone and is a strong message of unity. We are all Canadians as well as being from all over the world and we are always striving to improve ourselves, our communities and our hometown.

“The message this represents means a lot to us as immigrant artists. Throughout our time in Canada, especially in the GTA, we have not only been able to build better lives for ourselves, but we have also been able to collaborate and work with people from diverse backgrounds to make the city more beautiful. We find that we are constantly inspired by people from different cultures and love the fact that we can also inspire others by what we bring to communities through art. We have also noticed that Aurora includes a large community of Iranians and as Iranian artists it would be great for us to contribute to this community in Aurora.

Brock Weir, reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, The Auroran

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