Artist and anthropology worker accuses the brand of ripping off her cups

An artist with a small pottery business took to TikTok to share that retailer Anthropologie had started advertising heart-shaped mugs that looked like the ones she had made the year before – and them. viewers come to his defense.

Anna Weaver (@ annaweaver96) used her platform to share that she made mugs identical to Anthropologie products for her small business Ivy Patch Cat Pottery the year before for Valentine’s Day. She also claimed to be an employee of Anthropology and said the company’s Instagram account liked the images she shared of her designs.

“As an artist and @anthropology employee, I’m heartbroken,” Weaver wrote in a caption on an Instagram post regarding the situation. “I have screenshots of old posts from my heart mugs in which @anthropology and / or @anthroliving liked the photo (s). I was so excited seeing this notification and now I couldn’t be more disappointed. It was and still is an original design by ME that has been stripped down and slightly modified for series production. I am at a loss for words. I won’t let it fall asleep. If you scroll to the end you will see that I am not alone.

In her TikTok video which garnered over 162,000 views, Weaver says the design, while simple, was an original concept that she created on her own.

“I had never seen anyone do something like this,” she says in the video. “So I was very excited and today it all fell apart when I saw that.”

She then shows screenshots of Anthropologie products that resemble her own, right down to the color of the icing.

Many commentators tagged Anthropology’s TikTok account in the comments, urging the company to credit Weaver and pay her for her intellectual property.

“@Anthropology how can you steal your own employee ???” a commentator wrote. “And you better not fire her for calling you all or you’re going to grab those hands.”

Others suggested that the design Weaver used was actually very common and that they could see how Anthropology could have come up with the idea independently.

“I mean the heart-shaped mugs have been around since the 90s… it’s no more theft than yours were thefts from past artists,” one commentator wrote.

Responding to another commenter who shared a similar sentiment, Weaver said she hasn’t seen any mugs that looked so similar to the ones she created.

“Personally, I’ve never seen one like mine, but it’s a huge world full of creative people, so I’m sure similar people exist just too many coincidences,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Weaver via Instagram DM, as well as Anthropologie directly via email.

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* First published: January 8, 2022, 12:45 p.m. CST

Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg is an editorial intern for The Daily Dot and studies journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also the life and arts editor of the Daily Texan and an editorial intern for Texas Connect magazine.

Brooke Sjoberg

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