Aladdin Filmmaker Says Disney Is Going Back To Its 2D Animated Roots

One of disneyMost acclaimed animator Eric Goldberg recently revealed why the company made the decision to return to its roots of creating 2D animation content. Goldberg first joined the Walt Disney Studio in 1992. His first job was working as a lead animator on Robin Williams’ iconic Genie in Aladdin.

From there, Goldberg went on to serve as lead animator on many Disney classics such as Hercules, The princess and the Frogand Winnie the Pooh. Alongside his successful career in animation, Goldberg also acted as a co-director on Pocahontasas well as directing two segments of Fantasy 2000. Goldberg’s skills lie in his innate ability to pick up small details that others may deem insignificant or mundane. He focuses on specific traits and expressions through the art of animation to create the makeup of what will eventually become a beloved Disney character. However, Goldberg also worked as animation supervisor for some key elements, such as Tiana’s ultimate fantasy sequence in The princess and the Frog and Maui’s tattoos in Moana.


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Given Goldberg’s high-profile dedication to animation as a whole, it’s no surprise that he’s won a number of Annie Awards for his vibrant and unique character designs. In fact, fans will be able to get an intimate glimpse behind his designs in the new Disney Plus documentary series, Sketchbook. The series explores Goldberg’s personal animation style and follows his long journey with Walt Disney Animation Studios. Now, Goldberg has confirmed that Disney is paying more attention to the artistic medium that gave the company its deep reputation in the first place. While talking about his new documentary with IndieWireGoldberg says hand-drawn animation is part of the studio’s heritage

“I have been campaigning for a long time to train people in hand drawing [animation], and, as CG movies became more and more popular, that idea became less and less important to the studio,” he said. “But now we have an atmosphere and a group of people who recognize that it’s part of the legacy here, and actually having content that requires hand-drawn animation is absolutely awesome. Thank goodness we have people who can do both here, but really committing to raising a new generation is a wonderful thing and I think perfectly appropriate for [us].” Goldberg noted that Disney’s upcoming 2D projects will include features and series, drawing inspiration from the company’s legacy brands, original ideas and hybrids.

The success of early films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio It’s hard to believe that over the years Disney Animation Studios have witnessed a natural decline in the popularity of animated feature films. It got to a point where Walt Disney himself took precedence over the passion or desire to produce movies. Thankfully, the Disney Renaissance that took off with the 1989 release The little Mermaid once again awakened interest in 2D animation. The company even produced one of the highest-grossing films of all time, The Lion King. Unfortunately, soon after their heyday, 3D animation and Pixar Studios began to take off, again causing less push and excitement for hand-drawn films.

Given that Disney has received so much acclaim and success for their latest 2D animated project, it makes sense that they see this as their next step. Plus, nostalgia is all the rage these days, and there’s something quite special and magical about seeing 2D animation on the big screen again. Goldberg, unfortunately, gave no details regarding the upcoming projects underway. However, the fact that they’re training new animators with people who are also familiar with 3D and 2D animation might just mean that the company’s first hand-drawn feature in over a decade is officially on the way. .

Aladdin is now available on Disney Plus.

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