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TORONTO, October 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – DJ Space Club evening (PDSC) has scheduled the official roll-out of its digital dance party crypto art during an upcoming live Discord event, set for Friday October 8 To 8 p.m. EST. Offering a full range of 2,000 images for sale to the public, PDSC is a unique collection of original HD DJ images portrayed as throwing the most epic party in the universe. Each NFT is priced at 0.02 ETH, is absolutely limited to 2000, and includes full ownership with unlimited trading rights. All NFTs are registered on the Ethereum blockchain and fully synchronized with the OpenSea.io platform for sale or trading.

“Party DJs give owners access to an exclusive club for next-level perks, fun and unlimited earning opportunities,” said PDSC. “We are creating rarity and rarity with a limited edition of just 2,000 minted images, and that includes elite VIP virtual nightclubs, secret rare drops and early access to future collections. Every 50 NFT purchased activates a rare surprise drop from the PDSC spacecraft: an ultra-rare 1/40 NFT Diamond deposited into the buyer’s personal OpenSea account! “

Party DJ Space Club: Roadmap

Each NFT in the PDSC collection is a completely unique 1/1 with facial expressions, helmets, visors, spacesuits and badges fully rendered against lush and colorful backgrounds. Some images are rarer than others, but generation protocols ensure that every purchase is random, providing an equal chance for an ultra-rare drop every time. The comprehensive five-phase PDSC roadmap includes:

  1. First phase: NFT launch, access to “The Moon Club”, 40 rare limited edition drops.
  2. Phase two: Commodities voted and approved by the community: hats, space shirts, etc. designed for DJ Party owners only; Rare NFT Selling Milestones With Declines.
  3. Phase three: NFT transforms into a Super Party DJ, with slamming turntable skills and special powers – further improving the rarity of each NFT
  4. Phase four: Planning an official party event by invitation of the PDSC in Las Vegas, featuring some of the greatest EDM DJs practicing today, for a complete musical journey.
  5. Fifth step: Full launch of the virtual game “The Moon Club”; NFT PDSC turned into 3D pixel art for all owners to see; meet other owners, share artwork, and listen to live DJ performances.

For late-breaking PDSC information and new product information, visit PDSC online. Or follow PDSC on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

About the Party DJ Space Club (PDSC)

The PDSC is a crypto-based project developed by a diverse, passionate and collective team from across the universe, including artists, developers, designers, and NFT enthusiasts. Combining world-class music marketing, technical expertise and a long-term plan, the PDSC team is responsible for launching and running some of the biggest EDM festivals on the planet. In addition to creating other successful NFT projects, the goal of the PDSC is still to grow the community with future launches like “The Moon Club” and a VR game. Learn more about: www.PartyDJSpaceClub.com.

Media contact:

Tony nik, CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE Evening DJ Espace Club

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