8 stylish black nail designs to try this fall for a moody manicure

Few colors can make a statement that’s equal parts class, sophistication, and power like black can. Ask any New Yorker! Black nail designs are especially ideal for fall. “With the weather getting colder, we’re all in the mood for richer, darker hues,” says Christina Kao, co-founder of Le Mini Macaron. “It goes with everything but looks a lot sharper and super eye-catching on your nails in the fall.”

This fall, black is both an accent and a base for your manicures. “It describes, defines and adds richness, depth and mystery, which makes it both classic and rebellious,” says Emily Rudman, founder of nail polish brand Emilie Heathe. Although burgundy and brown hues tend to be popular in the fall, “black is a color you can lean towards to make your nails look edgy,” says Samara Walker, Founder and CEO of brand of nail polish Auda. B.

The main nail design trends this season are helping to improve the classic and proven nail color. Rudman predicts to see color as an accent with nudes and browns, or on its own with an emphasis on negative space designs.

And that doesn’t mean a simple black mani is missing from the image, either – it’ll just have a minimalist update this season, like black tips with different base colors or the endless iterations of a marbled finish. or a line drawing to add dimension.

Worn short, long, almond, oval, “squoval” and more, check out the eight black nail designs to complement all your favorite fall outfits.

Black split screen manicure

If you’re not ready to go totally black this fall, why not paint half of your fingernail the trendy color? You can go for white or any other color to split it up for a 50/50 look. Rudman encourages the use of a thin piece of nail tape for precision of the line when creating this one.

Double French Black Tips

An ode to the timeless French manicure, a French double design with black tips is a great way to play with your nail color without being too overpowering. “The double French tip is where the edge of the tip is thicker than the second line,” explains Kelly Clarkson’s famous manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo. To create the look at home, Inzerillo suggests using the application brush that came with the nail polish bottle for the thicker line and a liner brush for the thinnest line.

Black tips with nude base

Another modern take on the French manicure: nude nails with black tips. Here you have the option to create thin or thick lines for a more dramatic appearance. This is a great everyday manicure, but can also add a touch of sparkle to your outfit on a date. Just ask Kourtney Kardashian, who was recently spotted with an edgy black manicurist over her favorite manicurist, Kim Truong.

Gold Marble Power Suit

Beautify your all-black manicure with a touch of golden marble. Kao loves the way the golden highlights stand out against the opaque black. The combination is minimalist and chic and very easy to replicate at home. To start, buff your nails with a black of your choice. Use the contrasting color – ideally gold spots or glitter – then blend with a small brush.

Cow print

It was only a matter of time before the cow print tops, pants and shoes, flooding your Instagram feeds, made their way to the cutest manicure of this season. The look is bold, unexpected, and can be worn with multiple colors, not just black and white.

Wave after wave

The wavy nail trend that was everywhere in the spring and last summer is getting an update this season with the striking black version for fall. Go for a nail brush to achieve that bold look at home. The abstract shape is also very forgiving if you are new to DIY nail art.

Point it

This graphic trend is where the drama of black polish meets the minimalism of a simple white dot. With the help of a pointing tool, it screams chic, high and sophisticated at the same time.

Embrace space

The trendy negative space design proves that sometimes less is more. With this design, you have the freedom to choose the space you want to showcase. You might need a relatively steady hand to recreate this sleek and stunning look, but with a little practice the result is well worth it.

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